Guardian Angels

Agent in charge

Well, bugger I’m the Agent in charge. How the hell did that happen?

Got the call whilst at home was told I was to perform an autopsy on a young woman who committed suicide and Section had an interest in the body. Yeah, they also wanted me to bring the body to em.
I packed a bag quickly and left for Richmond.

I was working with Spike again. The first time since Calderdale. He was going to ensure the computer is blacked out whilst I got the body. Spoke to Dr Alex Martin and make some pleasantries before he told me the autopsy for the original body would not be possible. He showed me the other body. Dammit, this situation charged v quickly. Maybe Section knew. Anyway, I was now tasked with finding out what happened.
I also met Kurtz and two new agents a Ryder and a Prof Eric. The two new guys must have seen something weird to be here. I explained what was the situation and what needed doing. Also opened up to Spike out of all people because I’m in too deep. I’m not used to this. He did help me feel better. Sometimes he can be a nice guy. I really like him. (Best not tell him that)

I also told him I’m using a fake name. Dr Tara Fitzgerald for this op……


misterc ImKeelyT

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