Guardian Angels

Alien Science

I've had enough of this~Tara

We’re doing it. We really are going into the Neighbourhood Watch meeting and to get answers to what is going on. We all got into the cars to drive down there and go from there. I’m a little scared I must admit as I have a flashback to Orkney. We see the caretaker sweeping the ground and he is still out of it. He just asked who we are here to see. I heard one of the guys mention the name of the vicar. As he was about to go get em two of the guys ran at him to pin him down. With mixed results honestly, I just managed to squeeze past and make my way to the door. I see Mack above me pointing a gun.

We look in and see what looks like the vicar covered in the proton matter and moving before stopping. For some reason this did not affect me as much as Mack but I could not stop looking before walking into the room. The next thing three little droids or aliens came out and requested details from us and vice versa before pointing something at us both. We asked what they were doing here. They simply responsed that they were gathering information and upgrading. As they said this Ran came in and acted like a fangirl which was painful to watch as he asked a lot of questions. They pointed something at him before putting it away before saying mission terminated or words to that effect.

As all this had been filmed we all left the room. I backed away slowly as I had more questions about this from a science point of view. The others might not understand that.

Everyone met up in the car park and Spike finally turned up. He asked if we saw the lights which seemed to be at the same time as they left. Fred rang up the Section and he was told we should monitor the situation. Mack and Ran said that they are going to speak to the Neighbourhood Watch members. Kurtz and I think Spike was going to watch the videos and Fred and I headed to the pub. I got a drink and had a few moments to myself. Maybe these aliens could upgrade my mind and make me feel better. I looked round the pub and saw it was pretty empty. I then heard the others come in and I joined them where Fred was already sat. Spike straight away shared his views on this claiming that this is just well almost like a hoax (I think) which I tried to shout I know what I saw but yet again people were louder than me. Fred seemed to care more about his drone than people. I’ve had enough of these grown men acting like children. I just stood up and only Spike noticed that I was leaving. I told him I was going to the church as I want answers.

I walked down as I saw Spike get onto his bike to follow me and another few cars go the other way. I looked up and saw the lights in the sky before continuing to walk to the church. I hope to find answers to my questions and maybe more.


misterc ImKeelyT

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