Guardian Angels

As close as the Shadows

The human mind is the best computer but sometimes its known to go into meltdown very quickly.

And it’s the last thing you expect sometimes… she was the last person to be unsure. I’ve watch the others flounder and fall by the wayside.

All of the things she has faced in her time and the last two ops could have broken her… although I’ve heard rumours about the number of times she’s been down to the lab over that box.

I’m surprised that the last thing, with all she has done, she would be intimidated by is command.

I’m glad I’m out of the way… the good thing about Mac was that, for a handler, he didn’t have an ego… but whoever the military officer is… well I have a feeling that it should be ME that ducks when he shoots (Kurtz really needs to remind me to remove Ops files off his personal phone).

I found something interesting… someone has placed a standard key-logger on the system… easily disabled… what was interesting though was a virtual film over all points where input and output is given that sends all information … unusual in the sense that all Section’s Tech until this point is adequate but outdated. This is sophisticated, elegant, not Switch’s handiwork… this is grace… I’d like to meet this one.

The only advantage, it needs an internet connection to send so I can disable it… there an extra 0.1% processing power.

This virus’s is good if a little outdated… it’s a good thing the most knowledgeable of Shadow-ware is my sister… but thanks to Alice (Active Location Intelligent Command Emulator) it is only being a minor annoyance.

Ahh… got it… three frames…

… this is impossible… it can’t be?

“Tara, I have a time of death… 1:31 am”


misterc RPGWerewolf

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