Guardian Angels

Body number two.

Alcohol. It helps me forget things. I do like a glass of wine. There is nothing wrong with that. This job needs me to block things out. You see things nobody else should see. That stays with you the longer you’re here.
I’m getting better at this leadership thing. My trick is to let them do what they need to do, but to okay it with me. It works for me, but it has to be done by the book. I want to show I am a capable person.
Autopsy done and samples taken. Cause of death asphyxiation with a broken spine. Some of my best work. I’m not normally that good. A body can tell you a story. It makes me more calm, dealing with a cadaver than with a living human. Always been the case.
Took the professor to the station to do tests on some clothes that were found at the scene of the suicide of Jane Doe. He wanted more information on Khalid Arkram. The man who had his car stolen.

We ended up at the pub for a few drinks and to find some rooms. Section won’t like the expenses form (Four rooms, food and a fair bit of alcohol). I went up to my room but could not sleep. I then got a call from Kurtz, something was attacking him and Ryder. I left the phone on and quickly put on a jacket over my shorts and vest, got my shoes and ran up to them in the morgue.
There is Kurtz with his trousers down and Ryder pinning down the copse I saw earlier. Fucking hell I think we have a lead I think as I feel more of my sanity going.

If I survive this This will be reported to Section.


misterc ImKeelyT

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