Guardian Angels

Code Black

Things could be worse than we thought~Tara

I often wonder to myself why do I write this diary. I know that my therapist told me it would be good for me to write things down. I don’t know if the others know I write down the mission. Anyway I think Jane has left my bedroom at last so at least I can go in. (Must apologise for the smokers smell)

Earlier in the day I got a phone call from Spike who told me what the hell was going on and that he had gone off on his bike to follow the new guy Ran to try and save his friend. I was to wait for Fred and Mack and to give them a quick check over before we follow on in the other car.
So Mack is not well at all so I have ordered him to bed and drink plenty of fluids. Myself and Fred made our way to the house.

Once there I saw Kurtz was there and Spike instantly asked Fred if he had a torch at all. The plan was to be that we would split up, some of us would go to the front door and the others would go to the back door. Myself and Fred went to the front door. We knocked on the door and waited and knocked again. A young woman looked distressed and once we explained why we were here, she let us in. I saw that she was at least six months pregnant and I asked her how far gone she was. She replied that she was a few weeks gone. She then asked for food. I was very thankful I still had some of cake Claire Allen made, I gave her a slice of coffee cake and she ate it. I soon made the link that this was Jane Allen. I asked her a few questions and she told me that she was due to meet Sean for a date a few weeks ago but missed the date due to the loss of time. Sean got angry and accused her of seeing other guys. She got in contact with George who told her to come here.
She seemed that she wanted someone to talk to. I was to be that person. I saw Ran come in as well as some of the others who went upstairs.

We heard shouting followed by a loud unexplained noise. Jane got hysterical and I comforted her before telling her I will see what had gone off. I told her to wait there and shout me if need be. I saw Spike up there who gave me the option to look into the bedroom, I told him that he can look and see what has gone on. He looked shocked but not visibly sick (Most people can’t handle potential gore) he then shouted loudly CODE BLACK and ran out the house. I got Jane who stayed close to me as we got the hell out of the house.

Spike explained what he saw whilst Ran was visibly shocked and kept saying that he saw his friend’s head explode. Kurtz told us what he was briefed on about this substance that could be the medical breakthrough IF it is stabilised. I mentioned the stories I’ve read assuming others have done. I continued explaining the notion of Super Soldiers and how people have done experiments to try and create a Super Soldier army. My theory was that someone or something else has the capability to create their own super humans. They are using people they find as their own science experiments, potentially dangerous experiments.

I was told not to stay too close to Jane so she was moved to one of the cars before I said all that I did not want to scare her. I also shared my professional advice and said Jane needs to be checked out by another medical professional to ensure there is nothing wrong with her or the unborn child. (people tend to listen to Doctors regardless their specialist area. In my case Pathology) The decontamination team soon came to disinfect the house. We made our way to the hotel, more to check on Mack as he could be in danger.

I am led to believe that both Mack and Fred have gone to be checked out as they have this substance in their bodies. This is getting a little too close to us for comfort. Mack and Fred could be the newest science experiments and as a result might be dangerous.


misterc misterc

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