Guardian Angels

From Orkney to Calder Valley

Must be more than drugs~Tara Greenwood

Well I was not best pleased with the timing of the message sent to me. The timing could have not been any worse. I had plans during the Christmas period. I’ve had to cancel them and become little miss unpopular.

Still duty calls and after Orkney it will be interesting to see how the others treat me. The last thing I want is to have them tip toe around me and treat me any differently than before. I know what happened has affected me but I’m here to do a job.

I must have looked a sight. I made the rookie mistake of traveling to Manchester from Edinburgh on the train. I have packed a travel bag with me this time, including my white lab coat (I might wear it more. Makes me look official) and as shallow as it sounds some of my make up. I’m not trying to impress anyone.
Still I walked in with my sunglasses on (to hide my lack of sleep) and my work clothes on. The receptionist looks at me before I even say Swift a gentleman ushers me to a room.

Once in there the first thing I see is Spike running round setting everything up. The others soon turned up and soon after the chief showed us a video. I saw the boxes of paracetamol as we continued watching this video then all of a sudden he hits the shop keeper and takes his head off. I see dead people and things that would make others sick. But this hit me very hard. Maybe it was what happened in Orkney that has made me sensitive a little. We was told he killed his own father as well.

We all was taken to a very secure area and I saw a heavily sedated young man. I struggle to think this is the same guy who killed two people. I see the chains but upon further inspection I saw scars. These were not normal scars. They reminded me of the books I read at University. They looked like somebody had stitched the skin together to show everything. I’m pretty certain nobody else saw this. I made a mental note.

We have been told that we are heading to Calder Valley. The chief wants to know if ops need to come in. I smiled at him. Goodness knows why.
He offers us the use of firearms but Fred insisted only Mack has them.

The journey to Calder Valley was uneventful and I’m sure we missed a turning at some point. Still we got to the family farm house. We got out of the car and I wondered off to see if I could have a crafty cigarette and get a feel for the area.
In the background I hear the guys arguing if I’m to be trusted in Sean’s bedroom. I think they settled on me staying outside. I guess I’m fine with this in theory.

I feel like they don’t know what to do with me and are tip toeing around me. I make a call on my personal phone before searching the grounds.
After the house myself and Mack went to the local pub and along the way we saw the man who worked with Sean. He hinted at us to buy him a drink at the pub. I became the drinks lady as I got three pints in.

I wanted to speak to the doctor who sedated Sean’s mother. I made Doctor Forrest feel at ease when I introduced myself as a fellow Doctor. He told me about the appointment and how Sean seemed. I bit my lip as more questions were asked. We said our goodbyes and I looked at the notes I made.

Soon after we got back to the guest house. I made my excuses and made my way to find a smoking area outside. It is a terrible habit. I’ve seen smokers lungs but I started at University and yet I can’t stop. I made another personal call before disposing my cigarette and headed to my room. I read my notes before falling asleep.


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