Guardian Angels


I was in Royal Edinburgh hospital. Could have stayed at Leeds General Infirmary. I wanted to be closer to home. I spent a week there recovering from the injuries sustained in Richmond.
Nobody knew I was here so I had no visitors. It did allow me to think about everything that has happened.
I discharged myself after a week under the guise I knew what’s best for me.

I sat at home and I turned my phone off. I had flashbacks to all my work so far in Section. Orkney, Calderdale and Richmond, as well as being close to death and Spike. I needed to permanently block out these thoughts, I feel broken. I needed to forget everything. I found myself going to my fridge and found a bottle of red wine. I just opened it and drunk it. I could not stop. That became a daily occurrence. I needed​ to drink more each day. It became my clutch.

I got a a conference call from Section to confirm the new mission. I got a lift to Leeds from Edinburgh to meet up with the others. I packed a flask of whisky with me, to take to this new mission. Whatever it might be.


misterc ImKeelyT

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