Guardian Angels

Religion and Alcohol

There is a new recruit in Section. A vicar who was known to Spike. Yes really I had to laugh at that. Still should be useful since we’re “religion” hunting. Still miss Spike tho, I do most days.

I’m still in charge and using my real name again. I’ll keep Fitzgerald as an alias tho. My mind is not on work but where I’ll get the chance to drink. The last thing I want to to show I’m weak and unstable, but the reality is I am a fucking mess. Not the perfect daughter mum and dad wanted. I’m​ certain I’m a disappointment so I’ll ignore them.

The day was spent investigating this offshoot religious group. Found an office they rented in Leeds. Nothing remarkable, just was gutted. Plenty of pledge cards in boxes ready to give out to people who are vulnerable to this. One had blood on it.
We’ve gone to the estate agents​ who have advertised it to let. I just want to have a drink. I need it. I could find a pub, big city Leeds. I could make up something to tell the others and then just hold up in a pub. I doubt they’d question me as I’m in charge here.


misterc ImKeelyT

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