Guardian Angels


Spike he’s dead. He died trying to save me. He died near me. I’m used to seeing dead bodies but seeing someone you know, nothing prepares you for that. He died on my watch whilst I once again escaped death.

I found him annoying at times during missions but still I really liked him. Maybe more in an annoying friends way. I did think about wanting to make it more than that. I decided against it, would have gotten messy.

He won’t be calling me telling me mission information he’s found or leaving me voicemails. Making sure he’s still kept involved whilst out on his bike. I thought the bike would be the death of him, not this. Not a re animated body. I am assuming that I won’t need to do an autopsy on him, We know how he died.

The mission has changed, no longer find the body but to follow up on leads and find out what is going on.


misterc ImKeelyT

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