Guardian Angels

The Box

The box.

I have no idea what most of the others are doing but Spike seemed to believe he needed to come with me. I shouted this at him and I actually do not feel bad for doing so.
I tried to get in and as I forgot the code word Spike mentioned it and it allowed us to go in. Once I suited up and decontaminated myself I went in.

The hall was quiet. To be honest I don’t know what I expected. Still I enjoyed the silence as I looked around. I expected Spike to ruin this moment and run it. Thankfully he did not. I climbed up onto the stage and after some looking, I found a box. This box was made of brass or something and was not set at right angles. There was some marks on it and it might have been glowing. I tried to move the box along, just to see if it moved. I tried this several times before stopping. Upon further inspection I saw the marks that looked like what them little droids might have used. I touched the box with my gloves on and got a little shock. I then took my glove off and placed my finger in a groove.

The sensation was odd but quite nice from what I could remember. I felt cold but in control of myself. I know it was not natural but this was something that could be pretty dam important and I found it. (And people wonder why I’m in the section) I really want a cigarette but can’t due to the clean up. I take the box and find a photocopier box and lid and take it with me. During this time I heard a noise.

I went outside expecting to see Spike but he sodding left me here. A member of the section just said that he rode off and left me here. I asked where he went and if I can get a lift. I was told he went to the reservoir. I got a lift to the pub and told a car was there.

Once at the pub I saw the car left there. I had a look to see if one of them was stupid enough to leave the key there. Surprisingly someone did leave the key in the ignition. I thank the group from afar and placed thee box in the front seat and buckled it in. I lit a cigarette and got into the car and made my way to the reservoir.

Once there I saw the others and Spike. I wanted to shout at him but chose not to. I mention that I found something in the church hall and opened the photocopier box to show it. I explained that I found it hidden away from clean up and that I touched it and that whilst I was not under control I felt cold but also like I was in a trip or dream. It felt really nice and peaceful.

Some of the guys had gone up to Stoodley Pike to check things out but it seemed like it was time to head back to section for a debrief.

We were at section ready to share information. Aliens were mentioned but I said that it seemed people were being experimented on with the idea of improving them. This fitted in with Sean Medows the Hulk. Spike then just spoke and was about to mention the box but Fred shouted that I should speak about it. I explained that I found this box in the church hall and it did not seem natural. I then mentioned that I touched it. The others seemed shocked. I once again tried to explain the effects of it and how I felt. It was to be locked away somewhere away from people.

We were told that we can go home and try to enjoy Christmas. I made my way to Piccadilly station and booked a ticket back to Edinburgh. Got a bottle of wine and a plastic glass and waited for my train back up.

I lit up a cigarette and rang section for a therapy session over the phone. I tell them how I’m feeling and how this felt compared to Orkney. I also mention that I’m sleeping well again. They just told me to relax and take time out.


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