Guardian Angels


The vicar knows that I’ve been in contact with the Church of Lost Souls and because of him. Now the others know.

He said that he heard me tell the pastor that I’ve spoken to Hong about it and that I contacted the number directly. Why he chose tonight to challenge me I don’t know at all. I don’t trust him at all. In fact I straight up dislike him.

Hopefully he won’t uncover my desire for power. In much the same vein of Hong. I want that power. I need it so to speak. I want that number to call me back. Hopefully it will be whilst I’m on this mission.

Another one

Well that’s another good agent down. Ryder is the latest agent to get killed on my watch. A fucking reanimated corpse killed him. How do I explain that to Thurlmere. Oh another person died under my command. Doesn’t look great now does it.

Spoke to Simon aka the Pastor about this cult. He admitted that he did reanimate his dead wife because she consented to it. He went on about how right and wrong doesn’t exist and like Hong he wants power. That I admit struck a chord with me. Power, I mean maybe I do crave it but until both men have said it I hid it well I assume.

Told him Hong gave a number and and I rang it and they said they would get in contact with me. Maybe they would want me to join or just straight up kill me. I might take the chance when they contact me

The number

I was told by the vicar about what happened in the interview with Hong. I just laughed at him saying I wouldn’t do anything like that. In reality I’m more interested in this and I want to know more from Hong. What if we’re more alike than I thought. Just a shame that we had him on charges that will never hold up in a court of law. Then the last I heard was that he was killed in an accident outside court.

In the jacket I wore that night, I found a number with a name on it. Where did it come from. It was confirmed later on that it was given to me by Hong. I travel back to Edinburgh straight away with the intention to call this number. Once home (via the off licence) I open a bottle of whisky and I take my phone out and just call this number.

It rings for a while then someone answers the phone. They ask who I am and I tell them my full name Dr Tara Greenwood before they ask who gave me this number. I explain that Peter Hong gave me this number to call but I have no idea why. After them saying something about him. They tell me they’ll be in touch with me and put the phone down.

I don’t know if I should tell the others what I’m doing or if I should keep this to myself for now.


We got him, he was arrested at the Church of Lost Souls and I knew I wanted to speak to him at some point, but we needed to get Rat Face (his bodyguard/driver) who we believed was at the hotel. I got a team together and we stormed the room and got him.

The room was searched and we found some documents and possibly a religious idol. That was when I knew I wanted to speak to Peter Hong. Got clearance from Thurlmere (as well as throwaway comment about a night out) to go in with an officer. The others waited outside.

That is when my mind goes blank. I have no idea what was spoken about. I just felt tired. I just said thank you and left the room. I assume he’ll get off free. We had nothing to go on. Shame really. I would like to know what was said.

The Greater Good.

Well I can add almost fucking sacrificed to the list of things I’ve dealt with in Section. Along with chased by a demon, that box in Calderdale and being attacked by a reanimated body and causing the death of Spike.

The vicar obviously blames me for his death. This friendly who is not even a full Agent is judging me. How dare he does that. He doesn’t know what happened that night, he doesn’t know that yes I blame myself as well. Survivor’s guilt they call it. It is a reason why I drink. He wouldn’t know.

I can’t have any more agents die on my watch, Ryder, Kurtz and The Vicar are all badly injured and I need to try and fix em up. I’m tempted to do the right thing if I’m called to do so. If this guy wants to sacrifice me maybe I should allow it. IF IT MEANS THE OTHERS LIVE. Not that I want to die. Just for the greater good.


Well we’re in Newcastle. The others told me what I missed whilst I was hungover again in the last hotel, something about chanting and other strange behaviour.
I’ve booked some cheap rooms in Newcastle and filled out yet another expenses form.

The others went to actually do some investigating. I stayed in my room and had more than a swift drink. I got a text that was signed Spike. I panicked and threw my phone at the wall.
I met the others ready to do some leadership. We’ve all gone our separate ways to do what was needed. I went with the Professor to scope out the church. Saw Ryder there who went I assume round the back. I left the car and made my way to the front and managed to blend my way into the church…..

…….This woman stopped me. A smiley woman called Joyce. She asked me what I’m doing here. I panicked and just said I need help and that you help people. Made up that I was homeless and that I left Scotland. I’m crap at lying but she believed me and she asked if I needed somewhere to stay. I just said yes and she led me away to the dorms after I said I needed a bed for the night. Bugger I’m now possibly at risk of being recruited and the others don’t know I’m here.

I need a drink.

Religion and Alcohol

There is a new recruit in Section. A vicar who was known to Spike. Yes really I had to laugh at that. Still should be useful since we’re “religion” hunting. Still miss Spike tho, I do most days.

I’m still in charge and using my real name again. I’ll keep Fitzgerald as an alias tho. My mind is not on work but where I’ll get the chance to drink. The last thing I want to to show I’m weak and unstable, but the reality is I am a fucking mess. Not the perfect daughter mum and dad wanted. I’m​ certain I’m a disappointment so I’ll ignore them.

The day was spent investigating this offshoot religious group. Found an office they rented in Leeds. Nothing remarkable, just was gutted. Plenty of pledge cards in boxes ready to give out to people who are vulnerable to this. One had blood on it.
We’ve gone to the estate agents​ who have advertised it to let. I just want to have a drink. I need it. I could find a pub, big city Leeds. I could make up something to tell the others and then just hold up in a pub. I doubt they’d question me as I’m in charge here.


I was in Royal Edinburgh hospital. Could have stayed at Leeds General Infirmary. I wanted to be closer to home. I spent a week there recovering from the injuries sustained in Richmond.
Nobody knew I was here so I had no visitors. It did allow me to think about everything that has happened.
I discharged myself after a week under the guise I knew what’s best for me.

I sat at home and I turned my phone off. I had flashbacks to all my work so far in Section. Orkney, Calderdale and Richmond, as well as being close to death and Spike. I needed to permanently block out these thoughts, I feel broken. I needed to forget everything. I found myself going to my fridge and found a bottle of red wine. I just opened it and drunk it. I could not stop. That became a daily occurrence. I needed​ to drink more each day. It became my clutch.

I got a a conference call from Section to confirm the new mission. I got a lift to Leeds from Edinburgh to meet up with the others. I packed a flask of whisky with me, to take to this new mission. Whatever it might be.


Spike he’s dead. He died trying to save me. He died near me. I’m used to seeing dead bodies but seeing someone you know, nothing prepares you for that. He died on my watch whilst I once again escaped death.

I found him annoying at times during missions but still I really liked him. Maybe more in an annoying friends way. I did think about wanting to make it more than that. I decided against it, would have gotten messy.

He won’t be calling me telling me mission information he’s found or leaving me voicemails. Making sure he’s still kept involved whilst out on his bike. I thought the bike would be the death of him, not this. Not a re animated body. I am assuming that I won’t need to do an autopsy on him, We know how he died.

The mission has changed, no longer find the body but to follow up on leads and find out what is going on.


D.I. Thurlmere. I really like him. I respect him, always have done, I always ensure that I do whatever​ he says and respect the fact that he should be contacted when it is important. I have made it an order for the others not to contact him, as we don’t bug him. I don’t want to anger Thurlmere and ruin the start of this professional relationship. You need to keep people on side.

I am still wondering why this missing body is important. Is there a reason I don’t know? Is Thurlmere hiding something? Regardless I’d believe him and that angers meI get my phone and type 09978346652 (I did not save the number on my work phone) He answered​ as I explained what has happened. Yes he knew about the missing body and that they still want it. I explained about the second body and it is not wanted. I listen to his instructions and hang up.

I head back to the others and just say that Thurlmere wants us to burn the body.


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