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How a journal may kill me- Tara Greenwood

This all started with Thomas Patterson and his dream journal. I thought it would be a good idea to sneek off and look round his bedroom. I found this book and something compelled me to look at it.

I looked in it and thought this kid had some dull dreams but I carried on and saw that the dates of some of the more violent dreams matched the dates of the murders. I took some photos and tried to put it back. I thought I put it back properly at the time.

I met up with the others and showed them what I found on my phone, just in case it was useful. I don’t feel useful most of the time. I’m not a cop. I’m a Doctor. We were in the archeologists hut when the next thing I know this beast ripped the roof open. Without thinking I just ran. If this was the beast that kills. I’ve seen what it can do.

Along with Fred I bolted and after jumping the fence I got into the car ready to drive. The others soon joined me but the beast made its way to the car. It seemed that I was the target and was due to die tonight. I drove off but soon lost control and drove into a ditch.

This beast looked at me. It scared me. I saw the claws that can rip out spines. It was ready to kill me. At that moment I drove into it and hit it. The grey goo was everywhere. We made our way to the farm house and whilst I was in shock. Thomas was taken away for questioning. The last I heard he was let go without charge.

I have since thought if I had not looked at the journal I might have not been a target. I don’t know if I will have to live with the fact that something wants me dead. I’ve had nightmares since and know that only the others know what really happened that night.

Back to Tara Greenwood.

From Orkney to Calder Valley
Must be more than drugs~Tara Greenwood

Well I was not best pleased with the timing of the message sent to me. The timing could have not been any worse. I had plans during the Christmas period. I’ve had to cancel them and become little miss unpopular.

Still duty calls and after Orkney it will be interesting to see how the others treat me. The last thing I want is to have them tip toe around me and treat me any differently than before. I know what happened has affected me but I’m here to do a job.

I must have looked a sight. I made the rookie mistake of traveling to Manchester from Edinburgh on the train. I have packed a travel bag with me this time, including my white lab coat (I might wear it more. Makes me look official) and as shallow as it sounds some of my make up. I’m not trying to impress anyone.
Still I walked in with my sunglasses on (to hide my lack of sleep) and my work clothes on. The receptionist looks at me before I even say Swift a gentleman ushers me to a room.

Once in there the first thing I see is Spike running round setting everything up. The others soon turned up and soon after the chief showed us a video. I saw the boxes of paracetamol as we continued watching this video then all of a sudden he hits the shop keeper and takes his head off. I see dead people and things that would make others sick. But this hit me very hard. Maybe it was what happened in Orkney that has made me sensitive a little. We was told he killed his own father as well.

We all was taken to a very secure area and I saw a heavily sedated young man. I struggle to think this is the same guy who killed two people. I see the chains but upon further inspection I saw scars. These were not normal scars. They reminded me of the books I read at University. They looked like somebody had stitched the skin together to show everything. I’m pretty certain nobody else saw this. I made a mental note.

We have been told that we are heading to Calder Valley. The chief wants to know if ops need to come in. I smiled at him. Goodness knows why.
He offers us the use of firearms but Fred insisted only Mack has them.

The journey to Calder Valley was uneventful and I’m sure we missed a turning at some point. Still we got to the family farm house. We got out of the car and I wondered off to see if I could have a crafty cigarette and get a feel for the area.
In the background I hear the guys arguing if I’m to be trusted in Sean’s bedroom. I think they settled on me staying outside. I guess I’m fine with this in theory.

I feel like they don’t know what to do with me and are tip toeing around me. I make a call on my personal phone before searching the grounds.
After the house myself and Mack went to the local pub and along the way we saw the man who worked with Sean. He hinted at us to buy him a drink at the pub. I became the drinks lady as I got three pints in.

I wanted to speak to the doctor who sedated Sean’s mother. I made Doctor Forrest feel at ease when I introduced myself as a fellow Doctor. He told me about the appointment and how Sean seemed. I bit my lip as more questions were asked. We said our goodbyes and I looked at the notes I made.

Soon after we got back to the guest house. I made my excuses and made my way to find a smoking area outside. It is a terrible habit. I’ve seen smokers lungs but I started at University and yet I can’t stop. I made another personal call before disposing my cigarette and headed to my room. I read my notes before falling asleep.

Cake, The new guy and strange going ons

I’m in my hotel room. I’ve taken an early night. I’m using the excuse of files to look at and just medical work. The reality is that I wanted some time alone from the others. I’ve got a bottle of wine and a glass and I’ve got a balcony window to lean out of so I can smoke.

I thought whilst I’m in I could try and see if there has been instances of drug experiments and super soldiers. I have not done that at all. All I have done is relax. I have a nice room, comfortable bed and quite roomy. I’ve already had a shower to freshen up and got my PJs on. I say that they are really a vest and shorts.

I was thinking about earlier today. The Section put someone local in touch with us. Myself and Spike got to meet him before heading on the bike to the Allen household to speak to Jane. I held on a little too hard onto Spike as I was nervous about the Motorbike. Still we made it there in one piece.
We knocked on the door and a woman who looked younger than she was answered the door. She invited us in and kept giving us cake and tea. She seemed drugged but I knew she was not drugged by anything conventional. New guy had a look around the house whilst Spike got talking and got some information from her. I gave her a card with my name and phone number on it, should she need to contact me. New guy came back down. Claire as she was called gave me a shopping bag full of cake.

We had been told that her daughter worked in a Cafe in Hebdon Bridge and we made our way there. We rocked up to the cafĂ© and ordered drinks. Spike went into his mind palace and somehow got a business card for Jane’s dad who worked in Halifax. He did call me to let me know what he was doing. I made my way to the smoking section. It got me thinking how he just would rather get things done his way. I really like that a lot. I well urm mean it is pretty cool.

New guy suggested we walk the possible route Sean might have taken. We climbed over cobbled walls and saw a pillar but most importantly some strange prints. These were not natural ones, Something odd is going on and I don’t like it at all. We also went to a neighbourhood watch meeting and the guys spoke to Jane’s father and the local police officer and tried to fish some more information out of them.
New guy knew of a place Alien spotters go and was about to go there. I also think Spike was going as well, I’m not too sure. I was focused on my evening in, looking at Pathology Journals. I said my goodbyes and said to call me if they need any help. I was secretly hoping they would not.

Anyway that was earlier. After relaxing and reading. I heard a noise coming from Mack’s room. I felt like I should check it out as I don’t know if he is back. I put on my white coat over my PJs and slippers before making my way to his room.
All I see is Spike in there looking for Mack’s guns and trying to call him and by the looks of it not having much luck

I look at him and think shit. What is going on now. I best get my coat on.

Code Black
Things could be worse than we thought~Tara

I often wonder to myself why do I write this diary. I know that my therapist told me it would be good for me to write things down. I don’t know if the others know I write down the mission. Anyway I think Jane has left my bedroom at last so at least I can go in. (Must apologise for the smokers smell)

Earlier in the day I got a phone call from Spike who told me what the hell was going on and that he had gone off on his bike to follow the new guy Ran to try and save his friend. I was to wait for Fred and Mack and to give them a quick check over before we follow on in the other car.
So Mack is not well at all so I have ordered him to bed and drink plenty of fluids. Myself and Fred made our way to the house.

Once there I saw Kurtz was there and Spike instantly asked Fred if he had a torch at all. The plan was to be that we would split up, some of us would go to the front door and the others would go to the back door. Myself and Fred went to the front door. We knocked on the door and waited and knocked again. A young woman looked distressed and once we explained why we were here, she let us in. I saw that she was at least six months pregnant and I asked her how far gone she was. She replied that she was a few weeks gone. She then asked for food. I was very thankful I still had some of cake Claire Allen made, I gave her a slice of coffee cake and she ate it. I soon made the link that this was Jane Allen. I asked her a few questions and she told me that she was due to meet Sean for a date a few weeks ago but missed the date due to the loss of time. Sean got angry and accused her of seeing other guys. She got in contact with George who told her to come here.
She seemed that she wanted someone to talk to. I was to be that person. I saw Ran come in as well as some of the others who went upstairs.

We heard shouting followed by a loud unexplained noise. Jane got hysterical and I comforted her before telling her I will see what had gone off. I told her to wait there and shout me if need be. I saw Spike up there who gave me the option to look into the bedroom, I told him that he can look and see what has gone on. He looked shocked but not visibly sick (Most people can’t handle potential gore) he then shouted loudly CODE BLACK and ran out the house. I got Jane who stayed close to me as we got the hell out of the house.

Spike explained what he saw whilst Ran was visibly shocked and kept saying that he saw his friend’s head explode. Kurtz told us what he was briefed on about this substance that could be the medical breakthrough IF it is stabilised. I mentioned the stories I’ve read assuming others have done. I continued explaining the notion of Super Soldiers and how people have done experiments to try and create a Super Soldier army. My theory was that someone or something else has the capability to create their own super humans. They are using people they find as their own science experiments, potentially dangerous experiments.

I was told not to stay too close to Jane so she was moved to one of the cars before I said all that I did not want to scare her. I also shared my professional advice and said Jane needs to be checked out by another medical professional to ensure there is nothing wrong with her or the unborn child. (people tend to listen to Doctors regardless their specialist area. In my case Pathology) The decontamination team soon came to disinfect the house. We made our way to the hotel, more to check on Mack as he could be in danger.

I am led to believe that both Mack and Fred have gone to be checked out as they have this substance in their bodies. This is getting a little too close to us for comfort. Mack and Fred could be the newest science experiments and as a result might be dangerous.

Alien Science
I've had enough of this~Tara

We’re doing it. We really are going into the Neighbourhood Watch meeting and to get answers to what is going on. We all got into the cars to drive down there and go from there. I’m a little scared I must admit as I have a flashback to Orkney. We see the caretaker sweeping the ground and he is still out of it. He just asked who we are here to see. I heard one of the guys mention the name of the vicar. As he was about to go get em two of the guys ran at him to pin him down. With mixed results honestly, I just managed to squeeze past and make my way to the door. I see Mack above me pointing a gun.

We look in and see what looks like the vicar covered in the proton matter and moving before stopping. For some reason this did not affect me as much as Mack but I could not stop looking before walking into the room. The next thing three little droids or aliens came out and requested details from us and vice versa before pointing something at us both. We asked what they were doing here. They simply responsed that they were gathering information and upgrading. As they said this Ran came in and acted like a fangirl which was painful to watch as he asked a lot of questions. They pointed something at him before putting it away before saying mission terminated or words to that effect.

As all this had been filmed we all left the room. I backed away slowly as I had more questions about this from a science point of view. The others might not understand that.

Everyone met up in the car park and Spike finally turned up. He asked if we saw the lights which seemed to be at the same time as they left. Fred rang up the Section and he was told we should monitor the situation. Mack and Ran said that they are going to speak to the Neighbourhood Watch members. Kurtz and I think Spike was going to watch the videos and Fred and I headed to the pub. I got a drink and had a few moments to myself. Maybe these aliens could upgrade my mind and make me feel better. I looked round the pub and saw it was pretty empty. I then heard the others come in and I joined them where Fred was already sat. Spike straight away shared his views on this claiming that this is just well almost like a hoax (I think) which I tried to shout I know what I saw but yet again people were louder than me. Fred seemed to care more about his drone than people. I’ve had enough of these grown men acting like children. I just stood up and only Spike noticed that I was leaving. I told him I was going to the church as I want answers.

I walked down as I saw Spike get onto his bike to follow me and another few cars go the other way. I looked up and saw the lights in the sky before continuing to walk to the church. I hope to find answers to my questions and maybe more.

The Box

The box.

I have no idea what most of the others are doing but Spike seemed to believe he needed to come with me. I shouted this at him and I actually do not feel bad for doing so.
I tried to get in and as I forgot the code word Spike mentioned it and it allowed us to go in. Once I suited up and decontaminated myself I went in.

The hall was quiet. To be honest I don’t know what I expected. Still I enjoyed the silence as I looked around. I expected Spike to ruin this moment and run it. Thankfully he did not. I climbed up onto the stage and after some looking, I found a box. This box was made of brass or something and was not set at right angles. There was some marks on it and it might have been glowing. I tried to move the box along, just to see if it moved. I tried this several times before stopping. Upon further inspection I saw the marks that looked like what them little droids might have used. I touched the box with my gloves on and got a little shock. I then took my glove off and placed my finger in a groove.

The sensation was odd but quite nice from what I could remember. I felt cold but in control of myself. I know it was not natural but this was something that could be pretty dam important and I found it. (And people wonder why I’m in the section) I really want a cigarette but can’t due to the clean up. I take the box and find a photocopier box and lid and take it with me. During this time I heard a noise.

I went outside expecting to see Spike but he sodding left me here. A member of the section just said that he rode off and left me here. I asked where he went and if I can get a lift. I was told he went to the reservoir. I got a lift to the pub and told a car was there.

Once at the pub I saw the car left there. I had a look to see if one of them was stupid enough to leave the key there. Surprisingly someone did leave the key in the ignition. I thank the group from afar and placed thee box in the front seat and buckled it in. I lit a cigarette and got into the car and made my way to the reservoir.

Once there I saw the others and Spike. I wanted to shout at him but chose not to. I mention that I found something in the church hall and opened the photocopier box to show it. I explained that I found it hidden away from clean up and that I touched it and that whilst I was not under control I felt cold but also like I was in a trip or dream. It felt really nice and peaceful.

Some of the guys had gone up to Stoodley Pike to check things out but it seemed like it was time to head back to section for a debrief.

We were at section ready to share information. Aliens were mentioned but I said that it seemed people were being experimented on with the idea of improving them. This fitted in with Sean Medows the Hulk. Spike then just spoke and was about to mention the box but Fred shouted that I should speak about it. I explained that I found this box in the church hall and it did not seem natural. I then mentioned that I touched it. The others seemed shocked. I once again tried to explain the effects of it and how I felt. It was to be locked away somewhere away from people.

We were told that we can go home and try to enjoy Christmas. I made my way to Piccadilly station and booked a ticket back to Edinburgh. Got a bottle of wine and a plastic glass and waited for my train back up.

I lit up a cigarette and rang section for a therapy session over the phone. I tell them how I’m feeling and how this felt compared to Orkney. I also mention that I’m sleeping well again. They just told me to relax and take time out.

Agent in charge

Well, bugger I’m the Agent in charge. How the hell did that happen?

Got the call whilst at home was told I was to perform an autopsy on a young woman who committed suicide and Section had an interest in the body. Yeah, they also wanted me to bring the body to em.
I packed a bag quickly and left for Richmond.

I was working with Spike again. The first time since Calderdale. He was going to ensure the computer is blacked out whilst I got the body. Spoke to Dr Alex Martin and make some pleasantries before he told me the autopsy for the original body would not be possible. He showed me the other body. Dammit, this situation charged v quickly. Maybe Section knew. Anyway, I was now tasked with finding out what happened.
I also met Kurtz and two new agents a Ryder and a Prof Eric. The two new guys must have seen something weird to be here. I explained what was the situation and what needed doing. Also opened up to Spike out of all people because I’m in too deep. I’m not used to this. He did help me feel better. Sometimes he can be a nice guy. I really like him. (Best not tell him that)

I also told him I’m using a fake name. Dr Tara Fitzgerald for this op……

As close as the Shadows

The human mind is the best computer but sometimes its known to go into meltdown very quickly.

And it’s the last thing you expect sometimes… she was the last person to be unsure. I’ve watch the others flounder and fall by the wayside.

All of the things she has faced in her time and the last two ops could have broken her… although I’ve heard rumours about the number of times she’s been down to the lab over that box.

I’m surprised that the last thing, with all she has done, she would be intimidated by is command.

I’m glad I’m out of the way… the good thing about Mac was that, for a handler, he didn’t have an ego… but whoever the military officer is… well I have a feeling that it should be ME that ducks when he shoots (Kurtz really needs to remind me to remove Ops files off his personal phone).

I found something interesting… someone has placed a standard key-logger on the system… easily disabled… what was interesting though was a virtual film over all points where input and output is given that sends all information … unusual in the sense that all Section’s Tech until this point is adequate but outdated. This is sophisticated, elegant, not Switch’s handiwork… this is grace… I’d like to meet this one.

The only advantage, it needs an internet connection to send so I can disable it… there an extra 0.1% processing power.

This virus’s is good if a little outdated… it’s a good thing the most knowledgeable of Shadow-ware is my sister… but thanks to Alice (Active Location Intelligent Command Emulator) it is only being a minor annoyance.

Ahh… got it… three frames…

… this is impossible… it can’t be?

“Tara, I have a time of death… 1:31 am”

Body number two.

Alcohol. It helps me forget things. I do like a glass of wine. There is nothing wrong with that. This job needs me to block things out. You see things nobody else should see. That stays with you the longer you’re here.
I’m getting better at this leadership thing. My trick is to let them do what they need to do, but to okay it with me. It works for me, but it has to be done by the book. I want to show I am a capable person.
Autopsy done and samples taken. Cause of death asphyxiation with a broken spine. Some of my best work. I’m not normally that good. A body can tell you a story. It makes me more calm, dealing with a cadaver than with a living human. Always been the case.
Took the professor to the station to do tests on some clothes that were found at the scene of the suicide of Jane Doe. He wanted more information on Khalid Arkram. The man who had his car stolen.

We ended up at the pub for a few drinks and to find some rooms. Section won’t like the expenses form (Four rooms, food and a fair bit of alcohol). I went up to my room but could not sleep. I then got a call from Kurtz, something was attacking him and Ryder. I left the phone on and quickly put on a jacket over my shorts and vest, got my shoes and ran up to them in the morgue.
There is Kurtz with his trousers down and Ryder pinning down the copse I saw earlier. Fucking hell I think we have a lead I think as I feel more of my sanity going.

If I survive this This will be reported to Section.


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