Guardian Angels

Another one

Well that’s another good agent down. Ryder is the latest agent to get killed on my watch. A fucking reanimated corpse killed him. How do I explain that to Thurlmere. Oh another person died under my command. Doesn’t look great now does it.

Spoke to Simon aka the Pastor about this cult. He admitted that he did reanimate his dead wife because she consented to it. He went on about how right and wrong doesn’t exist and like Hong he wants power. That I admit struck a chord with me. Power, I mean maybe I do crave it but until both men have said it I hid it well I assume.

Told him Hong gave a number and and I rang it and they said they would get in contact with me. Maybe they would want me to join or just straight up kill me. I might take the chance when they contact me


misterc ImKeelyT

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