Guardian Angels


Well we’re in Newcastle. The others told me what I missed whilst I was hungover again in the last hotel, something about chanting and other strange behaviour.
I’ve booked some cheap rooms in Newcastle and filled out yet another expenses form.

The others went to actually do some investigating. I stayed in my room and had more than a swift drink. I got a text that was signed Spike. I panicked and threw my phone at the wall.
I met the others ready to do some leadership. We’ve all gone our separate ways to do what was needed. I went with the Professor to scope out the church. Saw Ryder there who went I assume round the back. I left the car and made my way to the front and managed to blend my way into the church…..

…….This woman stopped me. A smiley woman called Joyce. She asked me what I’m doing here. I panicked and just said I need help and that you help people. Made up that I was homeless and that I left Scotland. I’m crap at lying but she believed me and she asked if I needed somewhere to stay. I just said yes and she led me away to the dorms after I said I needed a bed for the night. Bugger I’m now possibly at risk of being recruited and the others don’t know I’m here.

I need a drink.


misterc ImKeelyT

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