Guardian Angels


How a journal may kill me- Tara Greenwood

This all started with Thomas Patterson and his dream journal. I thought it would be a good idea to sneek off and look round his bedroom. I found this book and something compelled me to look at it.

I looked in it and thought this kid had some dull dreams but I carried on and saw that the dates of some of the more violent dreams matched the dates of the murders. I took some photos and tried to put it back. I thought I put it back properly at the time.

I met up with the others and showed them what I found on my phone, just in case it was useful. I don’t feel useful most of the time. I’m not a cop. I’m a Doctor. We were in the archeologists hut when the next thing I know this beast ripped the roof open. Without thinking I just ran. If this was the beast that kills. I’ve seen what it can do.

Along with Fred I bolted and after jumping the fence I got into the car ready to drive. The others soon joined me but the beast made its way to the car. It seemed that I was the target and was due to die tonight. I drove off but soon lost control and drove into a ditch.

This beast looked at me. It scared me. I saw the claws that can rip out spines. It was ready to kill me. At that moment I drove into it and hit it. The grey goo was everywhere. We made our way to the farm house and whilst I was in shock. Thomas was taken away for questioning. The last I heard he was let go without charge.

I have since thought if I had not looked at the journal I might have not been a target. I don’t know if I will have to live with the fact that something wants me dead. I’ve had nightmares since and know that only the others know what really happened that night.

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