Guardian Angels

The Greater Good.

Well I can add almost fucking sacrificed to the list of things I’ve dealt with in Section. Along with chased by a demon, that box in Calderdale and being attacked by a reanimated body and causing the death of Spike.

The vicar obviously blames me for his death. This friendly who is not even a full Agent is judging me. How dare he does that. He doesn’t know what happened that night, he doesn’t know that yes I blame myself as well. Survivor’s guilt they call it. It is a reason why I drink. He wouldn’t know.

I can’t have any more agents die on my watch, Ryder, Kurtz and The Vicar are all badly injured and I need to try and fix em up. I’m tempted to do the right thing if I’m called to do so. If this guy wants to sacrifice me maybe I should allow it. IF IT MEANS THE OTHERS LIVE. Not that I want to die. Just for the greater good.


misterc ImKeelyT

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