Guardian Angels


D.I. Thurlmere. I really like him. I respect him, always have done, I always ensure that I do whatever​ he says and respect the fact that he should be contacted when it is important. I have made it an order for the others not to contact him, as we don’t bug him. I don’t want to anger Thurlmere and ruin the start of this professional relationship. You need to keep people on side.

I am still wondering why this missing body is important. Is there a reason I don’t know? Is Thurlmere hiding something? Regardless I’d believe him and that angers meI get my phone and type 09978346652 (I did not save the number on my work phone) He answered​ as I explained what has happened. Yes he knew about the missing body and that they still want it. I explained about the second body and it is not wanted. I listen to his instructions and hang up.

I head back to the others and just say that Thurlmere wants us to burn the body.



misterc ImKeelyT

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